How To Kill Weeds On Your Patio 

weed growing through the cracks of a patio

If you have recently landscaped your yard and invested in an expensive patio or deck, you probably don’t want to wake up one morning to find your investment destroyed by weeds. Luckily, several weed killers on the market can help you get rid of those weeds without harming your other plants or the environment. In […]

How To Keep Bees Off Your Patio

bees on patio

Bees around your patio indicate that you have other bees in your yard, so you’ll need to determine if that’s true or not.  However, the presence of bees on your patio should be taken very seriously, and you need to take steps to address the problem right away, as a swarm of bees can be […]

How To Store Patio Cushions

The summer heat can be brutal and having a good set of patio cushions to sit on while you enjoy the outdoors can make it much more enjoyable. But storing them all winter can be just as brutal if you don’t do it properly! Read on to learn how to keep patio cushions and ensure […]

How To Get Rid Of Moss On Your Patio?

Moss can grow on your patio for many reasons, but the most common one is moisture. It’s best to remove it before it becomes uncontrollable and tries to take over your patio, driveway, or porch. Here is some advice on preventing and eliminating moss from your patio!  Why Should You Remove The Moss From Your […]

How To Get Rid Of Ants On Your Patio

Unless you are the owner of an ant farm, ants are probably not something you want to have in your house. Ants can be a real problem if they end up in the wrong place – say, your patio or yard – and once they take up residence there, it may be challenging to convince […]

Best Patio Material for Cold Weather Climates

Living in places with cold and snowy weather can be a challenge, and building a patio in these elements is no exception. That means you need to choose wisely when choosing your outdoor living materials. You want them to be able to withstand the harsh elements of our climate. When it’s time to think about […]

How To Block Wind on Your Patio

A patio is where people spend a small portion of their day relaxing or enjoying themselves with their family and friends. But imagine having breakfast with your family or relaxing at night while the wind blows away your newspapers, furniture, or cutlery, making your relaxation impossible. Frustrating right? The solution to this problem is to […]

How To Keep Birds Off Your Patio

Sitting in the outdoor area of your house while enjoying cool winds on your patio and sunset is an effective way to relax after a stressful day. But what is worse than going outside and finding out that birds have pooped on your patio, and you can no longer enjoy your evening.  Even though birds […]

How To Block Sun on your Patio

Spending time outdoors is not only about soaking in the sun. Sometimes, we need a shady spot to relax and enjoy ourselves with our family and friends. There are many ways to block the sun on your patio, from adding shade screens to freestanding shade structures. Popular materials for adding shades include bamboo, fabric, canvas, […]

Fun Backyard Activities for Kids

Children love going outdoors, be it for biking, hunting for rocks, trekking, or walking their dogs. Children also love the idea of playing outdoors and use their imagination to think of ideas for physical activities and pretend play. It’s great to have indoor hobbies, but getting outdoors should also be a priority. While spending time […]