How to Keep Your Shed Secure

a garden shed secured with locks and motion lights

Let’s be honest; sheds aren’t the most secure structure in the universe. Any thief with the right tools can easily break into your shed and steal your belongings. Fortunately, though, shed security is quite attainable. You simply need to follow a few simple steps and your shed will be as safe as can be.

So, if you’re ready to learn how to secure a shed, let’s get started!!

Top 6 Methods to Keep Your Shed Secure

There are many different ways you can increase your shed security. However, none are as effective as the following six methods.

Get an Alarm

One of the best ways to heighten your shed security is to install an alarm system. Since thieves and trespassers tend to flee at the hint of any sound, your shed will be quite secure with an alarm system.

You can place alarms on your doors and windows to detect when they’re opened. You can also set an alarm that goes off when it detects movement in or around the shed. Whichever type you choose, your shed will be much safer.

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Install a Security Camera

A security camera is another great way to keep your shed secure with the added benefit of gathering evidence.

Once you install your camera, you’ll be able to have footage of your shed at all times. As such, you’ll be able to check on your shed whenever you’re not around.

Just make sure you place your camera up high. This is so that you can properly survey the whole area and also protect your camera from tampering. And if you can, splurge on a camera with night vision.

Tip: If you can’t afford a full-blown security camera, get a realistic-looking fake one. Once thieves see it, they’ll think they’re being filmed and back off.

Setup Motion Activated Lights

Odds are, if a thief is looking to break into your shed, they will wait for the cover of night. Thieves and other criminal elements love the cover of darkness. To help deter this, setup motion activated lights that cover your shed and the pathway to your shed.

These lights are a good idea for the entire perimeter of your home, but especially your shed. Not only will the simple act of illumination scare off potential intruders, but it will also help alert your to activity in your backyard.

Buy a Good Lock

Most, if not all, sheds come with terrible locking systems. No shed with a simple hasp, latch, or clasp can withstand the efforts of a determined thief. All they have to do is get out a screw or a crowbar and they’re in.

As such, you need to fit your shed with a high-quality lock. The best way to do so is to replace the wooden fasteners of a “hasp and staple” lock with carriage bolts. Then, for added security, add a rust-resistant padlock.

Secure the Shed Windows

A window is the ultimate weak point of every shed. Not only does it show intruders what your shed contains, but it also gives them an easy access point. They don’t need to find a clever way through it; they can simply smash it and go inside.

So, to make your shed more secure, the least you should do is cover your windows. You can do so by getting blackout curtains or an opaque window film.

However, if you don’t want to block all the light into the shed, you can buy a sheet of reflective film. This handy little invention will allow you to look outside while also preventing intruders from looking in.

Similarly, a frosted privacy window film will prevent outsiders from peeping without taking away all the natural light in the shed.

For even more shed security, add a security grill or metal bars on the inside of the window frame. You can also install impact-resistant windows using laminated glass or styrene panes for extra protection. And if you can do without the windows altogether, it’s best to block them using thick plywood.

Make Your Shed Sturdy

If not properly installed and maintained, sheds can be quite flimsy and, therefore, easy to break into. So, here are the three most important points you need to remember to make your shed sturdy and secure.

1. Fix the Shed to the Ground

Many sheds -especially smaller, plastic ones- aren’t always anchored to the ground. Some sheds don’t even come with an integrated floor.

And, floor or no floor, once a thief lifts your shed and tips it over, you can kiss all your belongings goodbye. And, on the off chance they fail to damage the shed floor, they’ll still cause damage to your shed and everything inside it.

So, make sure to fix your shed to the ground. You can do it yourself by getting a good anchoring kit. You can also call a professional and have them set the shed up for you.

Note: If you’ve got a metal shed, you’ll usually find that it comes with integrated fixings for anchoring the shed to a concrete foundation. As for plastic and wooden sheds, you’ll need to buy a separate anchoring kit, preferably a heavy-duty one.

2. Reinforce the Roof

Just like floors, roofs are another weak point in sheds. If your roof is poorly secured, a thief can simply lift it up and gain entry to your shed.

Thankfully, you can easily reinforce your shed roof by installing metal brackets or builders bands. Simply place them on the inside of your shed, right where the roof struts meet the frame.

Oh, and if you’ve got a plastic roof, you’ll be better off replacing it with a heavy, metallic one. That way, it’ll be much harder for thieves and intruders to cut through.

3. Fortify the Shed Frame

If your shed frame isn’t solid, it might give in to a thief’s attempts. As such, you need to reinforce the shed frame just as you would the roof. Start by fixing any damage or rotten wood you see. Then, fasten some metal struts or builders bands across it. This way, your shed will become considerably stronger.

Tip: If you can’t find metal struts or builders bands, try lining your shed with plywood. While it won’t be as strong, it’ll still pose an extra challenge for intruders.


As you can see, it’s easy to secure your shed using the five methods we discussed. To recap, you need to get an alarm, install a camera, buy a strong lock, secure the windows, and make your shed sturdy. These will surely help prevent thieves from gaining access to your belongings.

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