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How to Make Your Patio More Private

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We all love spending time on our patios to relax or party with our friends and family. But when living in busy areas, sometimes our plans are ruined by neighbors peeking in our patios. We all need a private place to peacefully enjoy our nights and a bit of privacy when sunbathing, napping, or having a romantic dinner or party.

There are multiple ways to make your patio more private, like adding a screen or climbing plants. We have discussed some ideas to help you make your patio more private and block the view from your nosy neighbors

Install a Pergola

Pergolas are outdoor structures that provide relief from the sun’s harsh rays without completely blocking the sunlight and from strong winds. But one of the main benefits of installing a pergola includes providing a privacy shield from the outside world. This ready-made structure comes in various sizes and shapes, which means it can provide varied types of dappled shade and privacy through the latticework on the precast.

pergola for privacy

To provide added privacy, people sometimes cover pergolas with fabric or grow vines on the upper lattice. Pergolas can also become a fun, party, or entertainment spot away from home. The most common material used for pergolas is timber, but they are also made using wrought iron, UPVC and steel. To install pergolas, a level base is needed so that bolt fixings can be used to secure the pergola with the ground. Climbing plants can then be attached to the pole, providing added privacy.

Use a Wall Panel

To increase privacy to a small portion of your patio, you can use screens made of robust wood, composite plastic, or laser cut metal to partition your outdoor area. These screens also serve the purpose of soundproofing and insulation by trapping heat from natural sources of a nearby fire pit.

Panels covered with artificial plants are easier to maintain than natural plants but beautify your courtyard area. A durable panel wall also makes the patio look uniform and can also be easily moved around or replaced. 

Small water feature

Adding a small water feature to your patio will not only serve as a decoration piece for your outdoor area, but the sound of dripping water will also cover up your conversations and prevent your nosy neighbors from hearing them. There are multiple types of water panels depending upon their size and features, so you can choose the one that suits your budget.

Solar-powered fountains are inexpensive but only work during the day in the presence of the sun. Fountains that operate with batteries would require more money as an electrician would be required to install them, and a water pump may also have to be installed.  

Shade Sail

Shade sails are huge airy-looking fabric pieces that can provide you with privacy efficiently if your neighbors look at you from above. Shade sails are great for blocking the sun on your patio as well. Shade sails can be installed for temporary or permanent use, depending on the fabric used, the construction process, and installation durability. Usually, they are used to providing a temporary barrier considering their low price. 

Shade sails are mostly made of woven polyester, and the corners of the cloth are attached to hooks to the posts or your home, or they may be secured with the tree through ropes or twines. Besides adding privacy to your patio, shade sails also help keep your patio cool in the summer. Shade sails are available on the market in various colors and sizes for you to choose from. 

Install a Noise Reduction Panel

 The addition of a noise reduction panel to your patio is a modern and more efficient substitute for fencing. These panels would reduce the noise of the outdoor world, making your patio a private and peaceful place for relaxing. Acoustic panels are an example of noise reduction panels wrapped with fabric and controls reverberation and echo. The placement of the panels matters the most here because if placed correctly, the majority of the sound can be reduced. 

Grow a Living Barrier

A living barrier consisting of a climber or a hedge wall is an efficient way to add privacy to your patio. This practical and pretty method can also help protect your outdoor area from wind and sun. Growing fast-growing plants can help cover your area if you are in a hurry. Plants like:

  • Virginia Creeper
  • Honeysuckle
  • Clematis Armandii 

Choosing the correct plant is important as larger and mature plants are more efficient. While choosing the correct plant, it is also imperative to consider if it is invasive or difficult to control that plant.

Install Glass Walls 

Most modern homes now have glass walls installed around their patios. These walls protect against the wind while also making your patio private. You can have conversations and attend meetings and parties without fear of your neighbors hearing your conversations. This stylish method also gives an elegant and luxurious look to your patio. Glass walls are usually made of firm glass panels and metal frames that are drilled into your patio’s floor or walls.

Maintaining these glass walls is not a difficult task as they can be cleaned with water, glass cleaner and a cloth. This method is fairly efficient as it allows you to view your garden and provide privacy. 

Add Shutters

Homeowners can also add shutters to their outdoor areas. Shutters help make your patio more private and serve the purpose of blocking wind and sunlight. The shutters also have blades that can be opened or closed depending on how much privacy is required. Shutters can be found in a wide range of materials and colours on the market, which makes it easier for homeowners to choose from. 

patio privacy with screen

Build a Wall

If homeowners want to take a more permanent action against the persisting privacy issue, they can build a wall on their patio. This method will provide the benefit of adding privacy while also blocking wind and providing shade from sunlight. Homeowners could then cover the wall with plants and flowers to beautify the area and give it a refreshing look.

Trees and Shrubs

To add a natural barrier against your neighbors, you can plant trees and shrubs. These are efficient for blocking the view of your neighbors while also providing a barrier from wind and sunlight. Trees and shrubs help redirect wind in the opposite direction, which can help you relax peacefully without worrying about your patio furniture getting ruined by wind. Deciding the best type of trees and shrubs that suit your preference, budget, and available space might require some research.

Evergreen shrubs are considered the best choice for patios since they are known to maintain foliage all year round. Growing trees and shrubs is not an overnight process, so homeowners must consider this factor before planting them. This method of adding privacy does require a little effort of watering and pruning every day, but they also provide an aesthetic and refreshed look to your patio. 

Construct an Arbor 

Arbors are beautiful, vertical garden structures that provide privacy, shelter, and shade to your outdoor areas. Benches and trellis help homeowners build a seating arrangement. The addition of trees, shrubs, flowers, etc., makes the area a soothing place to rest. An arbor can be supported by a wall, fence, or freestanding. The sizes of the climbers, trees and bushes depend on the amount of privacy and shade the homeowner requires. 

Build a Large Fireplace

A large fireplace accompanied by rockwork might be one of the most efficient ways to block your neighbors’ sight. They provide homeowners with the benefit of staying warm and cozy while also fulfilling the purpose of adding privacy o your outdoor area. 

Hang Curtains

Curtains or umbrellas are efficient methods of adding shade to your patios while also providing privacy. This method would help you deal with neighbors who could have a view of your patio. Curtains can be attached to your deck, pergola, pool area, gazebo or any spot in your backyard. You can use a tension rod to hang ready-made or DIY curtains easily. This is an economical method that would not require much maintenance while fulfilling the purpose. 


Going back to basics for getting privacy or shade for your patio isn’t a bad idea. Homeowners can use umbrellas to add privacy to their patios. Umbrellas can be attached to their patio tables or pool areas to prevent your neighbors from viewing your backyard. Basic umbrellas can be easily bought in various sizes and colors from the market. LED and cantilever umbrellas are a comparatively newer concept, but all umbrellas are easy and economical options.  

Get More Privacy on your Patio!

Lack of privacy can be very annoying if you spend a lot of time in your backyard. Peeping neighbors when you are relaxing, sunbathing, partying, or attending meetings can cause unneeded frustration, and in order to get rid of this persisting issue, you must use one of the methods explained above to add privacy to your patio.

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