Fun Backyard Activities for Adults

adults playing in a backyard

Are you tired of scrolling through your smartphone all day? This year do not scroll away during your summer vacations. While we all miss our childhood days when we played games every day with our friends and family, we tend to stay on our phones or laptops now and let kids have all the fun.

Research says that playing engaging activities through adulthood can be beneficial as they help improve mental functions, reduce stress, and build strong bonds with our friends and family. This research shows us that it is about time we engage ourselves in fun outdoor activities. We have listed below some games you can play with your friends or partners in your outdoor areas while enjoying the weather.

Outdoor Bowling Set

While bowling is something all of us enjoy, we tend to play it only when visiting arenas. Bowling can also be done at home in your outdoor areas, either using bowling sets or making DIY bowling sets at home. Many bowling sets found in the market are made of acacia wood which means they can also be used on grass, so you do not have to worry about finding a smooth surface.

If you wish to make your DIY bowling kit, you can fill plastic bottles with water or toys to weigh them down. Next, set the bottles in whatever shape you like with as many rows as you wish. Roll a volleyball towards the bottles. Take turns to turn this into a competition.

Table Tennis

Table tennis is one of the very few games that can be played both indoors and outdoors. The standard table tennis table is extremely flexible as it is foldable and has wheels, so it can be easily moved and stored when not in use. Most of the tables have the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, so they can be placed on your patios without the worry of them being damaged.

Table tennis is one of the few games adults can play alone or with their friends and family. Practicing table tennis every day can help adults improve their reflexes, hand-eye coordination, balance, and problem-solving skills. Playing table tennis can also help engage with people and burn calories if you are a fitness freak.

Tug of War

While most of us have played tug of war during our childhood, it is one game that adults can also play. When your friends are over for a party or having a family barbeque, it is a fun idea to play tug of war to reminisce about your past and have an entertaining competition.

Playing tug of war can count as an excellent upper body workout since it works your core, chest, shoulders, and forearm muscles.


One of the most fun games to play outdoors is volleyball. Whether you have a volleyball net in your backyard, you can play volleyball with your friends and family. You can make two teams for a friendly competition or play it by yourself to practice the proper volleyball techniques without the distraction from other players.

Playing volleyball can help adults burn calories, tone their bodies, reduce anxiety and stress, improve nerve and muscle coordination and improve the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.


One of the most desired outdoor activities by both children and adults is playing badminton. You can play this game with your friends or even with your children. After sufficient practice, badminton tournaments can also be held with your friends or neighbors. Setting up a badminton net in your backyard is an economical decision as they are extremely durable and can be removed when not playing.

Playing badminton can help adults improve their flexibility, muscle strength, and mental agility. Playing this sport regularly also helps reduce stress levels drastically and improve one’s metabolic rate.

Outdoor movie night

Set up a screen/white sheet and projector for an outdoor movie experience under the stars. Provide cozy seating and snacks.

Backyard campout

Pitch a tent, build a fire in a portable fire pit, make s’mores, and tell stories. Do some stargazing before turning in for the night.

Yard games tournament

Set up stations for classics like cornhole, kanjam, ladder ball, croquet, or horseshoes and hold a tournament. Offer prizes.

Outdoor cooking competition

Fire up the grill, smokers, etc. and have teams compete to make the best dish. Get creative!

Garden party

Plant flowers or herbs together while enjoying some wine or cocktails, then relax in the garden.

Backyard concert

Set up outdoor speakers or a sound system and take turns DJing while everyone dances along.

Comedy show

Build a small stage and have friends perform comedy sketches or stand-up for entertainment.

Scavenger hunt

Create a list of silly backyard items to hunt down and award a prize to the winner.

Art and wine

Get painting supplies and canvases to create artwork en plein air while sipping wine. You can even setup an outdoor project and show some Bob Ross videos and do a paint along with your friends. Have a friendly competition who can create the best Bob Ross painting!

Yard yoga

Unroll mats and do yoga together in the fresh air and sunlight. Play relaxing music.

Backyard Baseball

Backyard Baseball is a classic American game that almost everyone loves playing. It is an easy ad fun game that both kids and adults can play. Many baseball drills can be performed at home to help you become a perfect baseball player while being in the comfort of your home. Playing baseball regularly can help adults build strong arms and legs while improving their hand-eye coordination and overall fitness. Along with burning calories, this sport also helps release anger and reduce stress and anxiety, which most adults face.

Play 7’ Pool

Play 7’pool table can be placed in your basement or your outdoor area. Modern play 7′ pools also contain Sunbrellas for water resistance and UV protection. Waterproof covers protect the table on rainy days. Playing the pool game, also called Billiards, can help you improve your critical thinking skills, decision-making skills, and balancing power. Focusing on the game also helps sharpen one’s mind. Billiards is also known to slow down the aging process in men.

Flag Football

If you have a large garden or a flat surface on your patio, you can play football with your friends and family. You can also involve children and ladies in this game to have a bonding session while playing. Adults can also play football by themselves by practicing shooting, wall passes, cone dribbling, and toe taps. Research says that laying football can help adults reduce body fat, build stamina and strength, improve their heart’s health, and increase bone strength and muscle mass, especially in inactive individuals.

Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga, also called life-size Jenga, is the perfect game to play with your family and friends in the backyard. You can play this game when preparing for barbeques during family gatherings or during a friends party. The simplicity of this game allows it to be played by children and adults both. Playing Jenga can improve your fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, cognitive performance, and also reduce stress levels.

While adults might not get enough time to play all these games regularly due to their busy schedules, we believe playing these games over the weekends or whenever you have meetups will provide immense health benefits and help relieve work stress and build patience. Research has proven that playing these games is better than using your smartphones for hours. So, adults must engage in these games with their friends and family whenever possible.

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