How To Block Wind on Your Patio

woman sitting on a patio drinking a glass of water

A patio is where people spend a small portion of their day relaxing or enjoying themselves with their family and friends. But imagine having breakfast with your family or relaxing at night while the wind blows away your newspapers, furniture, or cutlery, making your relaxation impossible.

Frustrating right?

The solution to this problem is to block wind on your patio and ensure that the time you spend on your patio is peaceful, conducive, and relaxing.

The size and material for the wind barrier you choose for your patio will depend on the intensity of wind your area encounters and the type of home you live in. Wind barriers, apart from blocking wind, also provide privacy, decoration, and shelter.

Here are some of the top methods to block wind on your patio:


A natural and efficient barrier against mild winds is shrubs. Shrubs redirect wind away from your outdoor areas. Evergreen shrubs are the best choice for patios since they maintain their foliage during all seasons.

While maintaining the shrubs might require the effort of watering and pruning them frequently, the aesthetic they add to your patio will enhance your patio’s look and make it look greener and more refreshing.


Planting trees is a natural way of breaking the speed of the wind. Different types of trees would block different intensities of wind. Homeowners must consider the type of trees planted on their patio depending on available space and preference.

Homeowners must also consider that planting trees is not an overnight process as they require time and patience to grow. Unlike other greenery options, trees do not require any maintenance.

Planting trees would not only serve the purpose of blocking wind; instead, they can also be used to beautify the area and refresh it too.

Glass Walls or Railings

A common sight in most modern homes is glass walls around patios to avoid wind while still ensuring that the patio looks stylish. Besides providing elegant glass walls and doors also provide luxury to outdoor areas. These structures are usually made of string, firm glass panels connected to metal frames. These frames are either drilled into the walls of the patio or the floor. The glass floor or railing maintenance is easy as they can be cleaned using water and glass cleaning liquids. This method of blocking wind ensures that the homeowners still enjoy the light and outdoor views through the glass windows.

Wood or Resin Screens

There are several options for buying windscreens for your patio. Homeowners must consider the options and choose the best one according to their situation and need. Wood or resin screens are convenient, reversible screens that can be set up if needed for permanent or temporary use. Stylish wooden designs allow homeowners to set them up while matching with their patio furniture.

Both wood and resin screens are tremendously durable as they are constructed using heavy-duty material and are weather-resistant. The hinged panels can be chosen by homeowners depending on the concealment and protection needed. Other available options include retractable windscreens, roll-up windscreens, and mesh windscreens. These screens also help in preventing insects from getting into your outdoor areas.

Hedge Artificial Walls

Hedge walls are walls made of artificial foliage that blocks strong winds. Even though these walls have a purpose, they classify as decorative pieces. The durable and high-quality material used for their construction makes them perfect for long-term use in patios. The walls are then covered with artificial foliage making them convenient and easy to maintain. The frame is then connected to a fence or wall around the patio.

Louvered Roof Pergola

For people who live in areas that experience mild and strong winds, a louvered roof pergola is a feasible option to control the wind. They consist of wind sensors whose slats open and close subject to wind speed in your area. Pergolas can be built, and homeowners can also fix blinds to block wind from their patio.

Build a Fence around your Patio

Fencing is an efficient way to block wind on your patio and provide as much strength as hedges. While wooden fencing is an efficient way of blocking wind, homeowners must ensure that the fence has gaps to let wind pass through. A shadow fence with boards installed on the back and front of the railing can also be used.

Uneven metal fencing adds privacy to outdoor areas along with blocking the wind. Homeowners must add greenery or flowers to the area to maintain freshness. Rolls of meshed wires can also act as fencing. Growing plants in the middle of these wires would provide a double shield against the wind.

Build a Wall

To take permanent action against the wind issue, homeowners can also make a wall along with their patios. Doing so would be helpful in geographically windy areas. The wall would act as a strong shield against the wind. Homeowners can also plant flowers to make the areas look refreshing.


To control the wind, homeowners can add shutters to outdoor patios. Shutters can be found in a range of colors and materials, making them easy to choose to fit the existing décor. The blades in the shutters can be closed or opened depending on the need for sunlight, breeze, or privacy.

Patio or Lattice Panels

The addition of panels is a method of blocking wind that can be fitted without making major changes to the existing patio. The light sliding panels made of vinyl are closed to prevent wind from entering your patio. The same panels can be opened during summers to allow air to pass through. Lattice panels are also an exceptional choice for areas that experience mild winds. To further beautify and refres the paneled area, homeowners can add greenery or flowers.

Blocking wind is no longer a complex issue for homeowners. The numerous options allow people to implement the option that suits their budgets, preferences, and environmental needs. The methods explained above are all effective and can be used to block wind, ensuring that your outdoor experiences are not compromised due to heavy winds.

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