Fun Backyard Activities for Kids

kids playing backyard

Children love going outdoors, be it for biking, hunting for rocks, trekking, or walking their dogs. Children also love the idea of playing outdoors and use their imagination to think of ideas for physical activities and pretend play. While spending time outdoors is important, it is not always possible for parents to take their kids […]

How to Secure Patio Furniture From Wind

outdoor patio furniture around firepit

Sitting in the outdoor area of your house while enjoying the sunset and cool winds is an efficient way to socialize or relax after a stressful day. People these days spend a substantial amount of money to make their outdoor areas comfortable. But it is frustrating to walk outside and realize that strong winds have […]

Keeping Your Patio Cool in the Summer

blocking sun with hand on patio

Having a patio where you can enjoy during the summers is a blessing. Having a patio has multiple benefits, including having a low-maintenance space for hosting friends and family parties. It can also be used as an extension of your living room where your family can relax all year round. Patios can be used as […]

Best Herbs to Grow on Your Patio

basil leaves

Herbs are some of nature’s best multi-taskers. From adding flavor to your food to curing ailments, is there anything herbs can’t do? For thousands of years, herbs have been used to flavor foods, as medicinal, and as a preservative. Culinary herbs are herbaceous plants used to flavor and color a variety of dishes. If low-fat […]

Fun Backyard Activities for Adults

adults playing in a backyard

Are you tired of scrolling through your smartphone all day? This year do not scroll away during your summer vacations. While we all miss our childhood days when we played games every day with our friends and family, we tend to stay on our phones or laptops now and let kids have all the fun. […]

How To Block Wind on Your Patio

woman sitting on a patio drinking a glass of water

A patio is where people spend a small portion of their day relaxing or enjoying themselves with their family and friends. But imagine having breakfast with your family or relaxing at night while the wind blows away your newspapers, furniture, or cutlery, making your relaxation impossible. Frustrating right? The solution to this problem is to […]

How To Block Sun on a Patio

family blocking sun with a tent

Spending time outdoors is not only about soaking in the sun. Sometimes, we need a shady spot to relax and enjoy ourselves with our family and friends. There are many ways to block the sun on your patio, from adding shade screens to freestanding shade structures. Popular materials for adding shades include bamboo, fabric, canvas, […]

How To Keep Birds Off Your Patio

pigeons on home patio

Sitting in the outdoor area of your house while enjoying cool winds and sunset is an effective way to relax after a stressful day. But what is worse than going outside and finding out that birds have pooped on your patio, and you can no longer enjoy your evening. Even though birds are beautiful creatures […]

How To Clean A Patio Umbrella

green patio umbrella

Patio umbrellas are designed to be incredibly durable, but that does not mean that they should not be looked after. For example, you would certainly want to give the shade-providing construction a clean every now and then. To freshen up a patio umbrella, you should first remove any loose dirt and treat the stains. A […]

How to Clean and Maintain a Bluestone Patio

bluestone patio with furniture

Bluestone is quite versatile and makes the landscape appear elegant. You can find it in walkways, patios, and steps. But the problem with using this material in a patio is debris and stains that seem difficult to remove. So, you need to know how to clean and maintain a bluestone patio. Steps to Clean a […]